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Madame Gateaux is located on Danforth, west of the Woodbine Subway station.

We Carry a large selections of baking utensils (cake pans, silicon baking molds, heavy duty pots, fluted flan pans, etc), accessories (spatulas, palette knifes, whisk, measuring cups, brushes, combs, piping tips and icing bags, etc)and ingredients (fondant, icing fondant, glucose, sugar peals, cocoa, flavoring and edible colors, etc) at an affordable price.

Offer wide ranges of classes/workshops in the edible arts.  Whether you are a hobbyist or someone who wants to upgrade the skill, we do have classes that will suit you.  Our private or group classes are taught by professional pastry chefs.  For detail information, please check on our class descriptions by levels and class schedules or contact us at

We also carry chef works uniforms, please visit